The New Paradigm

Homeownership is the primary way for families to build wealth in the United States. Yet, decades of racist policies and exclusionary practices have made the dream and foundational stability tied to homeownership unattainable, especially for communities of color. The pandemic has added fuel to this already burning fire. 
Addressing our states housing, poverty, and racial inequity crises require bold, daring and non-traditional partnerships. We must explicitly tackle poverty and promote wealth creation — developing solutions that build racial equity through homeownership. 
Thats the New Paradigm. Join us. 

Why the New Paradigm is needed now more than ever

Our Work

Through a racial and equity lens the New Paradigm will work to increase home production and homeownership opportunities by:

  • Bringing together groups that have financial and/or social skin in the game to move public policy initiatives in a unique way. From financial institutions, title insurance companies, realtors, unions, community service organizations, education, to material suppliers and insurance companies — homeownership can both be profitable and lead to increased social welfare
  • Providing a platform to share and explore new ideas
  • Recognizing and treating the wealth and homeownership gap as a Civil Rights and racial equity issue as well as a housing supply problem
  • Addressing the homeownership gap for communities of color, Millennials, and Gen Z who are most impacted by the lack of the ability to build wealth through homeownership

We cant do this alone. We need your support.

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