Homing In: Musings on Poverty and Homeownership

Check out our informative and engaging podcast that spreads knowledge about homeownership, poverty, racism, legislation, and California news.

Homing In: Musings on Poverty and Homeownership, hosted by Julia Beauchemin

Our award-winning video, Redlined, A Legacy of Housing Discrimination, highlights the issues present today as a result of historic redlining policies and practices, the health implications of being systemically denied housing, and the social and economic impact of these policies on communities of color. This video represents the work we do, and the goal we are trying to achieve – closing the racial wealth gap through homeownership for people of color, millennials, and generation z.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) inhibits access to basic community needs such as schools, parks, transit, and affordable housing. Despite being a law that was originally intended to protect the environment from pollution by corporate interests, it is currently weaponized against communities of color. This video goes into detail about the practical implications of CEQA and how they affect low-income communities.

We organized and hosted the 2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Forum, with the goal to ascertain the Gubernatorial candidates’ positions and future plans to address the housing crisis. The day proved to be a great success with productive conversation and answers to the hard questions about housing rights.