California Dream for All: A Proposed Shared Appreciation Loan Investment Fund for the State of California

California Community Builders, as a part of a larger team led by California Forward, and including HR&A Advisors, and CSG Advisors, was selected by the State Treasurer’s Office in 2021 as the winner of the California Dream for All shared- appreciation mortgage design project. Beginning in January 2022, our team worked to design a new mortgage product that, when implemented, will support increased homeownership for underserved families that are currently shut out of the mortgage market.   

The California Dream for All mortgage program will provide loans for first-time, moderate-income homebuyers, and create a long-term endowment for future first-time buyers. The proposal has been included in the 2022-23 State Budget at $500 million, with an aspiration of $1 billion annually in the coming years. If successful, the fund could help more than 150,000 California residents and create more than $130 billion in wealth through the disbursement of mortgages over 40 years.  

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