Housing/Food Insecurity, Homelessness, and COVID-19: A Perfect Storm for Bay Area College Students?

Every year, college students across California worry about where they are going to sleep at night”especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where housing costs are sky high. Finding a place to live can be incredibly difficult. Homelessness, housing insecurity, and food insecurity are far too prevalent on our college campuses. In the best of times, such conditions have a negative effect on students grades, as well as their mental and physical health. But in the era of COVID-19, they are exacerbated. Although Bay Area campuses all have resources available to help, none are robust enough, especially now. The stakes are higher than ever for student populations. If students are to be successful, higher education administrations and policy makers must pay more attention to these challenges, and expand solutions in the Bay Area and throughout the state.

This paper examines the prevalence and repercussions of housing/food insecurity and homelessness among college students at public Bay Area four-year institutions and community colleges in the time of COVID-19. We did extensive research of existing materials at the institution, state, and national levels for context, and conducted student surveys and in-person student interviews at three sample Bay Area colleges”UC Berkeley, San Jose State University, and Evergreen Valley College.

The presentation was highly informative and inspirational. I really believe in your work to close the equity gap and address climate/environmental issues through homeownership.

We always have a moment of reflection whenever we have guest speakers your Redlining presentations have never failed. At end of the semester, we process what each student  was able to take away from the class and a number of students alluded to your presentations saying what an eye-opener they were.

This important conversation contributed to amplifying the knowledge and critical thinking of my students enrolled in the classes I am teaching this semester at SFSU: LTNS 380 AfroLatinxs Diasporas & LTNS 467 Caribbeans in the U.S. History and Heritage.

The documentary was very informative and opened my eyes in educating me on the inequalities of housing policies.

The explanations and responses provided by the presenter were clear and understandable. The housing crisis was something I was not very much informed of, and this presentation helped me gain more of an understanding of the topic.

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One of our largest and most comprehensive outreach projects is our college and community presentations. We partner with local colleges and organizations to educate both students and the general public on the impact of redlining on the racial wealth gap.