About Us

California Community Builders (CCB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affordable housing development organization that spun-off of The Greenlining Institute. Our mission is to reduce the homeownership gap as a means of closing the wealth gap for communities of color. Through the promotion of affordable homeownership, we seek to mitigate one of the most egregious root causes of increasing poverty and widening wealth gap experienced by communities of color in California. Across every social measurement, homeownership has proven to be the doorway and pathway out of poverty and into the benefits of the middle class including: improved incomes and wealth creation, improved education, better health, safer neighborhoods, entrepreneurship and a strengthened democracy.

CCB also aims to understand the impediments to policies that support building homeownership and work-force housing opportunities for low-income communities. In 2006, CCB undertook a pilot project in Firebaugh, California, called San Joaquin Villas in the Central Valley, an area that was described as “the Western Appalachia” by The Economist. During the course of this project, our founder John Gamboa and some of his constituents were shocked by how difficult it was to successfully build affordable housing. There were many roadblocks along the way, which spurred our organization into becoming more policy and advocacy focused- we wanted to ensure that creating new housing for those who need it is an exciting opportunity, not a burdensome obligation.