Brian Hanlon is the President and CEO of California YIMBY, a statewide pro-housing advocacy organization. California YIMBY’s mission is to make communities throughout California more affordable and inclusive. To that end, California YIMBY works to pass state legislation to increase  home building at all levels of affordability. Pundits praised its signature bill, SB 827, as maybe “the biggest environmental boon, the best job creator, and the greatest strike against inequality that anyone’s proposed in the United States in decades.” While it failed to advance in the Legislature this year, SB 827 shifted the housing conversation and paved the way for other pro-housing bills to pass.

Prior to co-founding California YIMBY in 2017, Brian co-founded the California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund (CaRLA) in 2015, which sues cities that violate state housing law. CaRLA’s novel impact litigation strategy yielded victory against Berkeley, lead to the drafting of SB 167, generated enormous press coverage for the YIMBY movement, and put scofflaw cities on the defensive across the state.
Brian received a BA from the University of Virginia, a Masters in Public Policy from George Mason University, and an MA from Northwestern University. He spent ten years working for the US EPA and US Forest Service before becoming a full-time housing advocate. When he’s not fighting to expand housing affordability and access, Brian can be found cycling in the East Bay hills.