California Community Builders


California Community Builders Inc. (CCB) is an outgrowth of the Greenlining Institute but is a completely independent organization with its own 501(c)(3) non-profit status, board of directors and mission.

Founded in 2006,  CCB is a non-profit organization seeking to decrease the home-ownership gap for low-income residents in California beginning with pilot projects in the Central Valley. CCB strives to create positive change at a familial, communal, and regional level through holistic development, home ownership opportunities, and a new high density model for affordable housing development.  The overall missions of CCB are to:

[1]   Address underlying public policy issues that impede or support the development of new affordable and lower-income workforce housing.

[2]   Develop for-sale, affordable homes that are energy efficient and equipped with the latest technology in low-income and under-served regions.

[3]   Engage community and local partners to support new homeowners and provide access to health care, education, training, workforce development, child care, transportation, and other community services.

Demonstrate the need and importance of affordable housing in rural areas and develop a paradigm shift in the type of affordable housing constructed in these under-served regions.

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